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a page of news and messages about the concert for choir members taking part.
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The concert

Six Hampshire choirs will take part in this concert to mark the tenth anniversary of Sarah Morgan's death. We'll also remember another star in the English Folk firmament, Paul Sartin who died in 2022.

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Look forward to an upbeat celebration of lives well lived and to the full...

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Choir members performing in the concert do not require tickets. You will be given a free pass to a numbered seat.

You can buy tickets for friends and family at the Theatre Royal Box Office.



How to get to the Theatre Royal? Where to park? Where to sit? How to get on stage and off again?

All these questions and more in the Guidance for performers in this PDF...


24 January 2024

Method statements for accessing and leaving the backstage area added to this page.

Stage Plan added.


These documents are method statements for accessing and leaving the backstage area for each choir

Here is a stage plan and some notes about getting on and off stage, once you're in the backstage area

About the venue


The venue began life in 1850 as The Market Hotel. It was used as a convenient stop-over point for farmers on their way to buy and sell in the Corn Exchange next door (now Winchester Discovery Centre).

In 1912 the building was bought by the Simpkins brothers who converted it to a theatre.

Several refurbs later, The Theatre Royal is a beautiful heritage auditorium with modern stage and Front of House facilities

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